What I do.

I develop creative visual solutions that solve complex problems, and make the internet a more beautiful and useful place.


Making new connections and brining new ideas and solutions into the world has been at the core of every role I've held in my professional career.


From leading a team to being part of one, I've seen every side of the design world and know what it takes to get projects shipped.


I've supported all aspects of an organization, from sales to engineering. I know how to tie creative solutions to business outcomes that drive revenue.

My Skillsets.

Visual Design.

In my heart, I'll always be a visual designer first. That skillset ranges widely, from video production and editing, to illustration and print design. with expertise in the entire Creative Suite.


I've been fortunate enough to help contribute to the design and execution of product features use by 300 million users that attend a Zoom Meeting each and every day.


With a specialization in Blender, I've used 3D design to create 3D environments and virtual avatars for Zoom users, and continue to produce 3D are every single day.


At it's core, design is a problem solving excercise, and over my career I've learned to employ those problem solving skills to tackle complex challenges across the business.


I've also developed a passion for education and training (I run several trainings for Zoom new hires) as well as facilitation, leading a number of design sprints across the organization.

My Experience.


While I've supported product development for years, Zoom was my first official product design role, joining as the founding member of the Design Technology Team. Today I help design, prototype, and test emerging technologies across the product suite



I joined Salesforce to help build the company's first content team. Our portfolio of content grew to inlcude a streaming service and 50+ full time content creators. The content team drove 15% of all the valide leads for the company and 19% of all inbound leads.



At SalesLoft I have the honor of managing a remarkably talented group of professionals that are determined to change the sales industry for the better. I hired and developed creative talent that hasgone on to some of the biggest brands in the world.



In addition to full time employment, I have also been priveledged to work with a number of additional companies to help solve creative problems, including SaaStr, the largest annual SaaS conference in the world.


The work.

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The Blog.

Want to know what's on my mind? You can find my writing over at Medium or the Salesforce Blog.

Matt Wesson


Let's create something awesome together.
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